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CPO (CoPy at Offset) 1.0


Only the windows binaries are available in the releases, so you'll have to build the mac and linux versions yourself. To do that, install Rust, afterwards, clone the repo and open a terminal in the root folder and run:

cargo build --release

You can now copy the executable (The rest is unnecessary garbage) from <ROOT>/target/release to your preferred location and add it to PATH.

You can also directly run the tool, if you want that for some reason. Open the terminal in the root directory once again but this time run:

cargo run -- ARGUMENTS HERE


This tool extracts data from a file between two hexadecimal offsets. See this example, we have this text file:

Forknife is a bad game
This meme is dead

Looking in a hex editor we can see that the word game is at hex 00000012 to 00000015.

Image of the hex editor

So we can execute this command:

cpo test/text.txt 00000012 00000015

This will result in:


To output the result to a text file add output.txt to the command like this:

cpo test/text.txt 00000012 00000015 > output.txt

While this doesn't look very useful with such a small example, extracting huge chunks from point to point can be frustrating, thus this tool.

Look mom I actually finished something!

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